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Monday, June 28, 2010

the United Arab Emirates

We booked our flight from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi with a stop in New Delhi based on the fact that it would save us quite a bit of money. What we didn't plan on was that the flight we were scheduled to be on out of New Delhi was canceled weeks before due to lack of demand and that Delhi would be facing some of the worst fog of the year when we were trying to transit through. As a result we got to spend a solid 13 hours in the New Delhi airport waiting for our flight that finally did take off around 1am.

Lots of delayed and canceled flights on the New Delhi departures board.

Abu Dhabi looked very similar to when I was there in 2005. Some of the old places we really liked were gone, some where different and there were plenty of new places. There were still lots of US chain restaurants-like Fuddruckers.

Here the sun is setting beside the Emirates Palace and some new towers under construction. Sandra and I at the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Grand Mosque.

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Rohit said...

Hey Guys, I love the photos of Abu Dhabi, especially the sunset on the Emperors Palace! I run Mumbai.Me and we're busy selecting the best blog posts on each route to highlight. There are no prizes other than the good feeling from knowing yours was selected, but happy to say that we're linking to this post from our Mumbai - Abu Dhabi page :) Keep up the adventures. Rohit.